Surprise City Hall

Atlas Masonry's team completed commercial construction and masonry contracting for the Surprise City Hall. The four-story 134,000 square foot north building will house city staff and council chambers. The 26,000 square foot, one-story building to the south of City Hall will house Rio Salado College’s Communiversity, offering two and four year degrees.

The building features natural stone elements to ties into the city’s western backdrop- the White Tank Mountains. The complex includes shaded arcades to protect pedestrians from the harsh summer sun.
The all-seasons garden, south of the parking garage, features a variety of plants that will offer vibrant color and texture to the complex all year long. The sidewalk that passes through the garden pays tribute to the site’s past life as Luke’s Aux 3 “Fighter Field.” In fact, it is located in the exact spot of one of the old runways.

A federal Energy and Conservation Block Grant will fund solar enhancements at the new city hall.

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